Fiat 850 am Aussendeichsweg, Midlum, Germany

Fujifilm GA645, Fuji Neopan 400 (@ IS0 800 developed in Diafine)

25 thoughts on “Fiat 850 am Aussendeichsweg, Midlum, Germany

  1. miinimule

    I love this! Like everyone else has already said – super cute car, fantastic reflection. What I think I like the most is the seriousness of the scene created by the BW – and the angles. it’s like the documenting of a small car about to set off on a big adventure!🙂

  2. et lite ØYEBLIKK

    Wow,- fantastic shot of this cute, little car! Love the mood in this photo, as it just stopped raining, and the sun breaks through the clouds ( in my head) Cool reflection!
    Ps. I love your landscapes and interior photos, it is the first time I am visiting your blog:)
    Have a nice weekend:)


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